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Introducing Group Buying – Buy 5 Plots Get 1 Free At Mowe Ofada! For Just 1 Million.

Posted by admin on February 19, 2021
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Group Buying – A Better Way To Buy Your Dream Land / Home?

Moway Properties brought to you opportunity of making home ownership easy for low and medium income earners. We are selling large hectares of dry and plain land using group buying model, the lands are located in a serene and peaceful environment near Mowe Ofada and they come with global Registered Survey, Receipt, Deed of Assignment.

Moway Properties has liaised with the families that own the land on how to market and sell in bulk from minimum of 1 Acre (6 Plots). In spite of heavy discount for a bulk purchase offer and with the current economic situation, 1 person might not be able to purchase 1 Acre (6 Plots) at a go.

Consider this scenario

Dele, Ifeanyi, Bola, Rasheed, Chinedu and Ola are working in the same office. They know that market is down and want to make most of this situation to buy land and start building their respective dream house. However, they are not able to find a good land deal with attractive discounts in such a subdued market.


How can Moway Properties help potential buyers like Dele, Ifeanyi, Bola, Rasheed, Chinedu and Ola in working out a mutually beneficial arrangement that will make their dreams of home ownership a reality?


This is where the group buying concept comes into the picture. The group buying is a viable option for land/home buyers looking forward to get attractive discounts.

How It Works

1. Potential land buyers will look for people of like minds, maybe they are working in the same company, members of the same club or religious body, co-traders, professional colleagues, artisans, families and friends. They will connect with one another through a common platform and form a group of 6 committed people.

2. Moway Properties Sales executive and the Group (6 Buyers) will inspect the land together.

3. Currently, 1 Acre (6 Plots) sells for 1.2 Million Naira Only and 1 Plot sells for 300 Thousand Naira. The Group of Buyers will get discount of 200 Thousand Naira. That is 6 people will pay 1 Million Naira out rightly and get 1 Acre (6 Plots).

4. Moway Properties will collect family receipt and deed of assignment for the buyers individually. Deed of Assignment: N50,000 per plot. Payment options for Acre or Plot of Land does not cover Survey Fee.

5. Allocation of Land is done instantly upon completion of payment so that buyers can start building on their land immediately. Moway Properties accredited workmen are available to make the process easy and stress free.

Advantages of Group Buying

  • By coming together and buying land as group the individual buyers can increase their bargaining power and hence will be able to get a better deal
  • The group can share common services needed to complete the transaction such as lawyer’s fee and surveyor’s fee
  • The group can purchase building materials in bulk to get better discount
  • Group negotiation for workmen services’ fee while constructing the houses
  • Even if any of the buyers decided not to build house on the land, he or she may keep the land to be resold in future when the land appreciates. He is confident that his/her investment is secure having his group watching over the land.
  • The group buying motivates unwilling buyers and enhances rapid development of the community
  • Allocation of land is instant.

Who Can Benefit From This Offer?

  • Group of 6 like minded individuals, friends, colleagues and family
  • An Individual that can afford outright payment for 5 Plots, that is buy 5 plots get 1 Free
  • Parents willing to invest in property can buy for themselves and children
  • Cooperative societies, clubs, religious bodies, trade group, professional bodies etc
  • Estate agents, estate developers and investors.

Are You Interested In Earning Extra Income?

You can earn between N200,000 and N1,000,000 on monthly basis or you can be a proud owner of Plot(s) of Land in this location by being our freelance marketer. How? If you can identify 5 potential buyers, sell 5 plots you as marketer will get 1 plot free. You can decide to sell instantly or keep to sell when it appreciate or build your own house on it.

Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Now

Today’s BUSH is Tomorrow’s CITY

But once it becomes that city the land or property sells thousand or million times the amount it is selling today.

The reason why those who invested in real estates several years ago are multi millionaires today is because they took advantage of those multimillion Naira properties when they were being sold for a few thousands.

That N200,000 property that you should own today and you are feeling reluctant to buy will be worth Millions of Naira in the nearest future and those who buy now will be enjoying the proceeds then.

Don’t be one of those who will say “And I was told ooo! But I didn’t do anything”.


For more information and other enquiries Contact Us:

Call/WhatsApp : 0704 444 5354

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